Team Events

sheas-chase-800-3It’s always fun to be part of a group!  (Team events will not impact individual awards which will be given out by age/gender).

Create your own team or join a friend’s or co-workers.  Shea’s Chase is a great deal about participation so we will award the team with the most members that complete the run/walk.  But we love speed too…..  there will be a fastest team award that will recognize the team with the five fastest finishers combined – provided at least two of the runners are female.

The Shea’s Chase team loves COLLEGE STUDENTS – we invite all to participate.  We have made it as affordable as possible – 15 bucks!  Can’t go wrong getting a cool t-shirt, race, and after event celebration for that kind of dough.  When registering as a college student, you’ll get to a drop down menu asking which school.  This does not impact your ability to be on any social team that is eligible for prizes.  We will, however, recognize the college or university with the most participants.

Any and all groups are welcome.  Whether you are coworkers, church members, classmates, or just friends, we welcome everyone to create their own group to join the race!

How do you sign up or join a group? We are glad you asked. Simply following the instructions during the race registration process to create a new team or enter an existing team name.